WaterWelcome to the Homepage for the National Tribal Water Council (NTWC), an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-funded project!

The NTWC has identified its purpose in its bylaws:

“The NTWC was established to advocate for the best interests of federally-recognized Indian and Alaska Native Tribes, and Tribally-authorized organizations, in matters pertaining to water. It is the intent of the NTWC to advocate for the health and sustainability of clean and safe water, and for the productive use of water for the health and well-being of Indian Country, Indian communities, Alaska Native Tribes and Alaska Native Villages.”

We hope that you will continue to visit the NTWC website as it evolves to better meet the needs of all who are interested in clean and healthy water and healthy Tribal communities.

The National Tribal Water Council with assistance from USET and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Collaborate to Establish Method for Tribal Baseline Water Quality Standards.  (Click below for more information.)

EPA Baseline Water Quality Standards White Paper Final

[NEW] Funding Opportunity for a Cooperative Agreement to Support the National Tribal Water Council-Due Aug.11

EPA supports the efforts of the National Tribal Water Council through a multi-year cooperative agreement to a recipient who manages and supports the operations of the Council, and assists in developing and completing products in coordination with the NTWC. Eligible recipients interested in managing the NTWC under this cooperative agreement may apply by submitting applications to EPA for this competitive process. Find more details and application information here.

[NEW] Seeking Senior Tribal Official participation in a Tribal Listening Session

EPA is seeking to engage with tribal leaders and senior tribal officials on July 18 to engage on four priority issues related to effective implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act:

1. Advancing the next generation of Safe Drinking Water Act implementation,
2. Addressing environmental justice and equity in infrastructure funding,
3. Strengthening protections against lead in drinking water, and
4. Emerging and unregulated contaminant strategies.

*Names due July 8, 2016*

For more information, follow this link: Tribal Listening Session-July 18