EPA Approves Some State Water Quality Rules, But Not All

lake-viewAlmost three years after the state of Arkansas submitted regulations from its Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for review, the U.S. EPA has approved some, but not all, of it.

Arkansas Online reported that the announcement comes as the DEQ prepares for another review process next year and “is in the middle of a public stakeholder process of reviewing and potentially revising the water quality assessment methods it uses to determine whether a waterbody is ‘impaired.’”

Among the aspects that have been approved by the EPA are “the numeric nutrient standards in Arkansas” that includes two standards for Beaver Lake that water district officials said would assist the district in protecting the drinking water for Northwest Arkansas.

The EPA did not disagree with the standards, but put them “on hold while the EPA and the state Department of Environmental Quality debated other elements of the state’s water regulations during the EPA’s review.”

Most of Arkansas’s other water regulation changes were approved, however, some of the details of the water quality standards approved by the agency have yet to be reviewed under the Federal Endangered Species Act.

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