What Do Americans Think About Their Drinking Water?

Survey data on U.S. consumers’ attitudes toward public drinking water confirms tough times now, but hints at better days ahead.

A recent poll by MWH Global, now part of Stantec, testifies to this awakening and provides detail on U.S. attitudes toward water and infrastructure. The top-line t375_250-ustower_featureakeaway is that nearly half (48 percent) of those surveyed said that “not having easy, low-cost access to water is an issue facing U.S. communities,” which is a sizable increase from the 39 percent with the same concern from MWH’s 2015 survey. Most respondents (68 percent) backed up that sentiment by supporting more public spending for improving and maintaining water infrastructure. Sixty-two percent also said they were likely to spend more on products that require less water during manufacturing, suggesting that corporate social responsibility can bring financial benefit to a company in addition to being good for water security.

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