Agricultural Reuse Projects Offer A Glimpse Into The Future Of Water

While consumers are still coming around to the idea of drinking recycled water, there have been far fewer ideological obstacles standing in the way of water reuse for non-potable purposes. A more open mindset from farmers about where their water comes from has meant that some of the greatest technological gains in reuse are being made in the agricultural industry.

Recycle-WaterTo that end, reuse advocates the WaterReuse Association and Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) have teamed with Pentair, an industrial company with a water technology division, to highlight new ways that water recycling can be utilized to improve agricultural practices.

“Our three organizations are in a unique position to make farmers, lawmakers, and the public aware of the value of water and reuse in agriculture,” said Melissa Meeker, executive director of WateReuse and chief executive officer of WE&RF. “Pentair and WE&RF partner on research projects designed to help advance sustainable agricultural practices and the WateReuse Association uses the research to advocate for laws, policy, and funding to support this effort.”

The partners released an online video highlighting two projects utilizing sustainable agricultural practices, where the system for food production is based on local conditions and will last over the long term.

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