Response letter from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the Draft Revised Drinking Water Infrastructure Grants Tribal Set-Aside Program Guidelines.

Dear Mr. Norton:

Thank you for the comments  that you provided from the National Tribal Water Council (NTWC) in your July 16, 2013, letter  on the Draft Revised Drinking  Water Infrastructure Grants Tribal Set-Aside (DWIG-TSA) Program Guidelines.

EPA concurs with  the NTWC that there  exists a need to reduce the barriers to providing access to  safe drinking  water  and sanitation  in Indian country  and welcomes the participation of the NTWC and tribes to discuss and help implement solutions to reduce these barriers.  As you are aware EPA is leading the Infrastructure Task Force (ITF) which is currently engaged in this topic. Information about  the  activities  of the  ITF can be found  at the  following web  link

The attached  table  summarizes  the  NTWC’s comments  and EPA’s response.   Please contact Michelle  Schutz (202) 564-7374 if you have any additional  questions or concerns.


Ann Codrington, Director

Drinking Water Protection Division

Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water